New Design Northeast Florida Design, Inc. is proud to serve the local builder community with Master Plan design services at competitive rates, with up to 6 different elevation designs per plan. Reasonable repeat fees for each plan built ensure a long-lasting and mutually profitable business relationship. Northeast Florida Design also provides Portfolio Maintenance (billed quarterly), to make sure the master plan is code-compliant and incorporates the latest field changes. The portfolios are maintained on Northeast Florida Design Inc.’s state of the art servers, with .pdf and .dwg files available at any time at the builder’s request.

Working Drawings Send us your pre-sale contract and marked up sales sheets, and Northeast Florida Design will deliver your base plan detailed according to the contract (including any structural changes), along with hard copy prints (up to 8 sets), and .dwg and .pdf files for each home. We guarantee our turn around times for each contract, with no more than 10 working days for any contract received. **Note: Change Orders to the original contract can extend this time accordingly. Most contracts are completed within 5 working days.

Lot Fit Analysis A lot fit analysis is the most efficient way to determine appropriate product selection for each lot in a platted neighborhood. Northeast Florida Design, Inc. can provide a spread sheet analysis to show which portfolio homes fit on each individual lot. This eliminates the potential for costly after-sale revisions and relocations due to a particular product not fitting on the lot. We can also provide scaled footprints that site agents can use to do their own analysis in the field.

Blueprinting Northeast Florida Design’s daughter company, Mandarin Blueprinting, offers competitive pricing and same day service for large format copies, including color copies. Please refer to the Blueprint Services page for pricing and specifics.